An Update from CUFI Action Fund

This week, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), released a poll that was taken just prior to the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel. The poll, which surveyed 800 likely voters nationally and has a 3.46 margin of error, was focused on asking specific questions directly associated with the key policy issues of the day. Here are several telling findings:

Americans Stand with Israel

82% of Americans believe it is important (or very important) for the United States to “support Israel’s sovereignty and existence as a democracy” in the Middle East. Just 10 percent felt this was not important. This finding extends across party lines. In fact, among those with a favorable view of President Joe Biden, 81% percent agree that standing with Israel is important.

The claims of a serious progressive challenge to bipartisan support for Israel are simply untrue. There are very few things 82% of Americans agree on but supporting Israel is one of them.

Americans Want their Say on Iran

Speaking of issues the majority of Americans agree upon, the poll found that 65% of Americans support taking a hardline with Iran, including the imposition of sanctions against the Islamic Republic. Likewise, when asked to choose between a new nuclear Iran agreement and maintaining sanctions against Tehran, just 31% of Americans supported a new agreement while 56% supported maintaining sanctions.

Finally, and quite tellingly, 63% of Americans, including strong majorities of Republicans, Democrats and Independents, favored “requiring that any deal made between the United States and Iran be presented to the United States Senate for ratification as a treaty.”

Americans do not trust the Islamic Republic. They don’t want to see a repeat of the mistakes of the past Iran nuclear accord, and they want, as is constitutionally mandated, the Senate to review any agreements made with Tehran.

Americans Don’t Want their Money to Go to Terrorists

Recently, the Biden administration announced they were restoring $235 million in aid to the Palestinians. American voters by a margin of 61% to 21% support suspending aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) until it stops incentivizing terrorism.  Here too, support for the commonsense position, that US dollars should not go to an entity that supports terror, enjoys widespread bipartisan support. In fact, even a majority of those who identify as liberal Democrats support the suspension of aid to the PA.

CUFI Action Fund Chairwoman Sandra Parker perhaps captured the American people’s sentiments on this issue best when she noted, “It is nauseating to imagine U.S. taxpayer dollars going to an entity that incentivizes the murder of innocent people, but that’s exactly what restoring U.S. aid to the Palestinians would do.”

You may recognize some of the policies described here as we’ve advocated in support of them for some time:

  • We stand with Israel.
  • We believe that sanctions work against the terrorist regime in Tehran.
  • We support Senate review of any deal with Iran.
  • We oppose aid to the Palestinian Authority until that entity stops supporting terrorism.

But as this poll shows, these are not CUFI positions or rightwing positions, they are American positions, supported by the people of this great nation, regardless of party affiliation. If President Biden wants to indeed be the President for all Americans, and we believe he does, then he needs to hear and heed the voice of the American people.


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