An Update from CUFI Action Fund
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As longtime readers of the Action Update know, there’s so much going in Washington during any given week that we generally avoid devoting an Update to one singular subject, let alone one singular individual. But this week, we’re deviating from our traditional approach and devoting the entire Update to the nomination of Colin Kahl to serve as President Biden’s nominee for Under Secretary of Defense for Policy at the Department of Defense. Below we offer a non-comprehensive overview of Kahl’s positions on issues of import to the CUFI Action Fund. Though it would take thousands of words to fully address Kahl’s track record, just the elements included below should make clear that Colin Kahl’s nomination should be withdrawn or defeated.

Colin Kahl is Anti-Israel

In 2012, Kahl led the charge to try and remove recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from the Democratic Party platform. Four years later, he was instrumental in the Obama administration’s break from seven decades of US policy when the President allowed a vehemently anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution to pass without American objection. Though the US abstained from the vote on the resolution, Kahl’s efforts went so far as to include lobbying Ukraine to support the anti-Israel resolution.

Kahl’s anti-Israel animus is deep. He is very close to the anti-Israel Ploughshares Fund which consistently supports organizations who seek to demonize Israel and whitewash the Iranian regime. In fact, for Kahl, Israel can do no right. For example, he has even gone so far as to express his view opposing Israel’s strike on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981 – a view so illogical and so far outside the mainstream that in-and-of-itself should be disqualifying. 

Colin Kahl is Pro-Ayatollah

Predictably, Kahl supported and worked to advance the disastrous 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, but his support for the Islamic Republic doesn’t end there. Kahl is close to the National Iranian American Council, which for all intents and purposes is Tehran’s mouthpiece in Washington. Kahl believes that Iran has a right to enrich uranium and has defended his Iran appeasement by claiming – without any evidence – that even if Iran were to acquire a nuclear weapon the radical Islamist regime would not use such a weapon nor provide it to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah.

During his time with the Obama administration, Kahl advocated in support of a meeting between the President of the United States and the President of Iran. All the while Iran held American hostages and was responsible for the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq. He also praised Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for his “heroic flexibility.” Apparently, appeasement is not enough for Mr. Kahl; he is committed to legitimizing the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism and one of the most brutal regimes on the planet.

Colin Kahl Should Not Be Confirmed by the Senate

Christians United for Israel has made clear that any agreement with Iran must have the strength and duration to have a real impact and must address not only Iran’s nuclear program but it’s missile program, support for terror, and human rights abuses. Mr. Kahl seems unbothered by all of the above. He places far more emphasis on supporting the tyrants of Tehran than America’s closest ally in the Middle East: Israel.

We oppose those who want an agreement with Iran for an agreement’s sake – particularly when such an agreement would lead to a legitimized Iranian nuclear program. We feel they are misguided. But Mr. Kahl’s approach goes beyond simple appeasement. He seems perfectly comfortable with a nuclear armed Iran. He is perfectly comfortable making common cause with dictators and anti-Semites. And placing him in charge of policy for the Department of Defense will make our country and our allies considerably less safe.

We have commended President Biden for his calls to unify the country. We welcome his stated position that an agreement with Iran should be longer and stronger than the 2015 deal. And we are not afraid of spirited, good faith policy debates. But Colin Kahl’s record is beyond the pale. His positions contradict Biden’s own statements. His attitude towards Israel indicates a complete disdain for the Jewish state. And his attitude towards Iran shows that he lacks the judgement necessary to hold any position of influence in Washington.

The CUFI Action Fund will oppose Kahl’s nomination. And every Senator concerned with America’s standing in the world, our national security interests in the Middle East, and Israel’s safety and security should do so as well.


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