An Update from CUFI Action Fund

As the year winds down, we have taken stock of what we’ve accomplished and what we are focusing on in the year to come. It’s beyond cliché to say that 2020 has been a year replete with challenges, but for Israel and for the Action Fund, the news wasn’t all bad. With the help of America’s leadership, the Israelis have normalized relations with no less than five countries in recent months, with Morocco and Bhutan joining the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan, just last week. And for the Action Fund, we’ve seen a host of our top priorities move forward.

Legislative Agenda

On Monday, just a few months after thousands of CUFI supporters contacted the White House calling on the administration to impose sanctions against Turkey for Ankara’s purchase of the S-400 missile system, the administration did just that. And that was just the latest in our successes this year.

In 2020 we saw the Never Again Education Act signed into law. We’ve seen both the US-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act and the US-Israel Military Capability Act included in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which has passed both houses of Congress and awaits the President’s signature. This bill also included additional Action Fund priorities such as support for Israeli missile defense and anti-money laundering provisions aimed at disrupting the illicit activities of terrorists.

Rounding out the list of Action Fund backed items that we expect to move forward is US military aid to Israel, and all indications are that it will be included in the forthcoming Congressional budget resolution.

Barring a dramatic turn of events, we’ll be three-for-three on our 2020 Summit legislative agenda items and we’ve already seen progress on many other priorities.

But Our Work Isn’t Done

Last week, our Senior Director of Policy and Communications authored an op-ed laying out our position on any future negotiations with Iran. In the coming weeks, we’ll be putting out a piece doing the same with regard to Turkey. And of course, there remains the problem of Hezbollah in Lebanon and America’s continued unconditional support for the Lebanese Armed Forces.

These issues and more will need to be tackled in the coming year. But we have every confidence that we’ll be able to strengthen the US-Israel relationship and keep the two countries’ shared enemies at bay with your continued support.


Washington is going to be different next year. But our policies do not change based on who is in office. When we disagreed with Presidents Obama and Trump, we let them know. When we agreed, we worked together. The same will be true of the incoming administration. There will be points of divergence, and there will be common ground, but no matter what, we will continue to stand up for the policies backed by the millions of Christian Zionists across the United States.

The Update will be on hiatus until next year. We wish you and yours a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


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