An Update from CUFI Action Fund
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With Thanksgiving around the corner, you’ll no doubt be receiving a host of emails letting you know what the groups and organizations in your world are thankful for. And frankly, we’re no different. We talked about it around the office, and cliché as it might be, we’re thankful for you. We are a small group of dedicated professionals who have been blessed with the opportunity to spend every day working on the issue most dear to our hearts. At our core, we are activists, and because of your support, we don’t have to shout from the street hoping leaders will hear us – we are in the room, where the leaders listen. And that is because of you.

Case in Point

In Georgia, Israel’s supporters are paying close attention to the race between Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Rev. Raphael Warnock. This race is very important. Warnock has expressed anti-Israel views on numerous occasions. And the people of Georgia deserve to know that. And equally as important, they deserve to hear the facts about this race from one of their own – a fellow Georgian with the stature to speak on the relevant issues. And so they have.

Earlier this week, CUFI’s Georgia State Director, Pastor Jay Bailey, penned an op-ed explaining that “Georgia needs a senator who is unequivocal and unwavering in their support for Israel.”

In the piece, Bailey makes clear that Warnock’s past positions on Israel are patently unacceptable and that his whiplash inducing turnaround on this issue was nothing more than, “a hollow and transparent example of politically expedient propaganda.”

Baily goes on to note, “Attacking the Jewish state and aligning with Israel-haters might play well in Berkeley, but it doesn’t fly in Georgia. And we know, such is not the mark of a man of good character.”

“Israel deserves friends in Washington who know the righteousness of the Jewish state, its thirst for peace, the love of its people for America, and the power of its example in a part of the world all too often bereft of moral leadership. Warnock does not meet this criteria. His condemnations of Israel were disgusting,” Bailey wrote.

Whether or not you live in the Peach State, Pastor Jay’s op-ed is worth a read. This race deserves our attention – and we’re able to give it, backed up by a well-respected local Pastor, because he and you are willing to stand up and speak out for a strong US-Israel relationship.

Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace

We are also thankful for the recent peace agreements signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan. As Christians, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and rejoice when those prayers are answered.

Some have used the mantra “pro-Israel, pro-peace” as a thin veil aimed at concealing their obsessive desire to lecture the Jewish state and condemn her policies. Conversely, we respect Israel’s sovereign right to make decisions of war and peace independent of international interference. And the events of the past few months make very clear that we were right, and the perennial Israel detractors were wrong. And that is why we were thankful to read reports this week that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently traveled to meet with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

While we’ve no illusions that this means Riyadh and Jerusalem will normalize relations tomorrow, we have not forgotten founding Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion’s (of blessed memory) quote that, “In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.”

We hope that in the years to come, Washington remembers that to be truly pro-Israel and pro-peace you must treat Israel like an ally, respect its sovereign rights and give the Jewish state the kind of support it needs to take risks for peace. The results of that policy have been thus far nothing short of miraculous.

We pray you and yours have a peaceful, joyful and blessed Thanksgiving.


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