An Update from CUFI Action Fund
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This past week, we have seen a host of activity, including significant progress on our efforts to advance policy and impact the national conversation about Israel.

Standing Up to the Anti-Zionists

On Monday, CUFI founder and Chairman Pastor John Hagee published an op-ed in Newsweek that received widespread attention. The piece was a response to a longtime Israel agitator’s New York Times op-ed effectively calling for the destruction of the state of Israel by creating one bi-national state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

Pastor Hagee piece restated the core merits of the Trump peace proposal, and noted that with such a realistic option on the table, those who once espoused support for a “two-state solution” are now calling for an end to the existence of the Jewish state.

“There is no great leap from advocating for a "two-state solution," which puts the entire burden of sacrifice on Israel and leaves the Jewish state with indefensible borders, to advocating for the complete elimination of Israel. In fact, often those who denigrate Israel, while claiming to be pro-peace and pro-Palestinian, end up nakedly advocating for Israel's destruction when an end to hostilities is actually on the table,” Hagee wrote.

Inundating Congress with our Voice

Also, this week, it was announced that CUFI members had sent more than 300,000 emails (no that’s not a typo) to Members of Congress in support of the three pieces of legislation that made up CUFI’s 2020 Summit legislative agenda. As a reminder, the bills CUFI is supporting are, The United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act (S.3176), The US-Israel Military Capability Act (S.3775 & H.R.7148), and the 2021 House and Senate State-Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill.

As a result of this outpouring of digital advocacy from CUFI’s members, CUFI Action Fund lobbyists will have the wind at their backs as they continue to reach out to Congressional offices in order to ensure these vital pieces of legislation advance without delay.

Opposing Those Who Would Endanger Israel

Despite the incredible support for Israel demonstrated by CUFI’s members, their remain a small but loud and committed few in Congress who feel compelled, it seems, to undermine the pillars of the US-Israel relationship at every turn. The latest example of this comes from Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and twelve of his colleagues, who have proposed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act which would put dangerous limits on the manner in which Israel can use American military assistance to defend her people against terrorism.

In a statement released by the CUFI Action Fund, our Chairwoman, Sandra Parker, noted, “Sen. Van Hollen’s proposed amendment would endanger Israelis and Palestinians who both rely on Israel having the necessary operational freedom to protect against terrorist activities in the West Bank. By limiting systems such as the Iron Dome from being deployed in Judea and Samaria, this legislative language would only ensure that any future military conflict in the area would result in a much bloodier confrontation.”

Though we are seeing many successes, we can neither slumber nor sleep. And with your continued support, the Action Fund will remain the tip of the spear ensuring the voice of Israel’s supporters is heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill.


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