An Update from CUFI Action Fund
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In this week’s Action Update, we stroll through the Shia Crescent, from Iran to Lebanon, to discuss a whirlwind of issues relevant to U.S. national security and Israel. While we supported President Trump’s decision to rip up the Iran nuclear accord, and we back the administration’s maximum pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic, Iran’s nuclear program continues to march forward, American taxpayer dollars continue to flow to the Lebanese Armed Forces unconditionally, and Hezbollah’s terrorist-army continues to threaten Israel. The situation bears further examination.


This past week the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that Iran is violating every element of the Iran nuclear accord to which the Islamic Republic, several European powers, Russia and China are still party. That Iran is breaking the agreement comes as no surprise. Frankly, the real surprise is that the IAEA actually is displaying the fortitude to report the violations, and we welcome their doing so.

In related news, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) released a policy proposal this week containing a section that was described by Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) as “the toughest sanctions that have ever been proposed by Congress on Iran.” The Action Fund participated in roundtables held by the RSC to solicit ideas for this report, which mirrors our call for tougher sanctions ahead of the October deadline to lift the international arms embargo. 

The CUFI Action Fund applauds this effort and will continue to support ratcheting up economic and diplomatic pressure on the regime in Tehran until they change their character, end their nuclear program, and stop supporting terror.

Lebanese Armed Forces

Speaking of the RSC’s policy recommendations, the caucus’s report also calls for ending U.S. aid to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). The CUFI Action Fund supports the Countering Hezbollah in Lebanon’s Military Act (S. 1886 / H.R. 3331), which withholds 20% of U.S. military assistance to the LAF unless the President can certify that the Lebanese military is taking the necessary steps to end Hezbollah and Iran’s influence over the LAF.

The RSC’s recommendation goes further than that legislation. If naysayers and handwringers in Congress persist in their refusal to take seriously concerns about unconditional U.S. funding for the LAF, the stronger policy approach becomes warranted.


This conversation would not be complete without discussing Hezbollah. The CUFI Action Fund has been very pleased with American efforts to curb this group’s ability to operate financially. Unfortunately, our European allies, have not done nearly enough to confront Hezbollah.

While the UK and Germany recently banned Hezbollah in its entirety, the European Union itself draws an unwarranted distinction between the terrorist organization’s military and political wings – a distinction Hezbollah itself does not draw.

Hezbollah has carried out terror attacks on multiple continents. They’ve murdered civilians and soldiers from numerous countries. And they aided the brutal Assad regime in Syria’s bloody civil war. The time has long since passed for the EU to designate the entirety of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Anything less is dishonest, dishonorable, and downright disgusting.

As always, thank you for taking the time to learn about these issues and for your support of the CUFI Action Fund. We couldn’t do what we do without allies like you, and we look forward to continuing to work each and every day to ensure the voices of the millions of Christian Zionists across the country are heard in our nation’s capital.


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