In this week’s edition of the Action Update, we look at what happens when Washington stops functioning
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In this week’s edition of the Action Update, we look at what happens when Washington stops functioning, update our readers on our state-level efforts, and offer a bit of wisdom for those seeking to understand the day after Gaza. So, let’s get into it. 


Consequences of Chaos

America’s ability to deter our adversaries has rapidly deteriorated in recent years and especially recent weeks. The U.S. response to Iranian-backed Houthi terror attacks and piracy in the Red Sea and elsewhere has been anemic. Washington seems content with a tit-for-tat rather than delivering the type of crippling blow that would dispense with America’s reputation as a paper tiger. To be clear: weakness invites more aggression.

Likewise, Congressional chaos has led many in the world to – perhaps correctly – assume the legislative branch of the U.S. government is not functioning. We are focused on standing with Israel and the Jewish people – nothing else. However, the CUFI Action Fund achieves our goals by working with people in government. As such, when the U.S. House of Representatives is in disarray and the Senate unable to produce a legislative deal, our efforts to ensure America stands with Israel, are hampered to say the least.

Both across the country and in Congress, there is overwhelming bipartisan support for the emergency military support Israel needs to fight Hamas and any other Iranian proxy force that attacks her. As members of the House leave Washington for in-district work this week, we hope they’ll focus a bit of their time on figuring out a way forward for this vital, democracy-defending appropriation.

The Laboratories of Democracy

Just because Congress continues to run around in circles, doesn’t mean our policy work comes to a standstill. With the start of the new year comes the start of state legislative sessions and we are presently backing a number of items across the country.

For example, in Georgia IHRA legislation recently advanced through the Senate Judiciary Committee and will soon advance to the floor. Likewise, in South Carolina, the House unanimously advanced IHRA legislation, and in the coming weeks, supporters of the bill will gather for a lobbying day in the capital with the hopes of swiftly moving the legislation through the Senate and onto the Governor’s desk.

In addition, CUFI is backing IHRA legislation in Indiana, anti-BDS bills in Nebraska and Alaska, and a Nonprofit Security Grant Program measure in Missouri.

Looking Ahead

There is no way for us to predict when the current war with Hamas will end, or if it will expand to Israel’s north. There is no way to know if Iran is serious about retaliating against Israel for the IRGC thugs the Israelis (allegedly) killed in Syria last week. In the Middle East, the only thing that is certain is that the future is uncertain.

As supporters of Israel in the United States, this reality is difficult. For those living in Israel, it is fundamentally unsustainable.

The Israelis for too long have lived under the shadow of rockets and suicide bombers and of rapists and murderers. For too long, Israelis have had to wake up to the blare of rocket sirens. For too many years, they’ve had to be fearful of being stabbed, shot or run over, simply for being Jewish.

As such, all those pontificating on the future of Gaza, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict or the Middle East as a whole, should first bear in mind that the people of Israel will not stop fighting until the shadow of terror has been vanquished for good, and we will do everything in our power to ensure Jerusalem has what she needs to succeed in her righteous mission.


The CUFI Action Fund Team


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