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White House Peace Proposal

On Tuesday, CUFI founder and Chairman Pastor John Hagee and CUFI Action Fund Chairwoman Sandra Parker were on hand as President Trump laid out his proposal for peace in the Middle East. As Pastor Hagee noted in his subsequent statement, “This… is the best peace proposal any American administration has ever put forth. The President’s vision ensures Israel’s defensible borders, a united Jerusalem, sovereignty over biblical holy sites, and provides an opportunity for the Palestinians to choose peace.”

Both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of Israel’s other largest political party, MK Benny Gantz, have accepted the proposal. True to form, and for the sixth time in history, the Palestinians rejected it.

The core benchmarks Palestinians must meet for the process to move forward are rather minimal. They must abandon terrorism, demilitarize now and in the future, and recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Sadly, this is too much for the Palestinian leadership to even consider.

Unlike in the past, Israel will not be deterred or punished by Palestinian rejectionism. The Israelis plan to begin implementing key elements of the peace proposal without delay. This will include annexation of the Jordan River Valley, a move that will ensure the Jewish state has defensible borders in perpetuity.

Gulf Nations Response

Another bright spot was the Arab reaction to the peace proposal. The ambassadors of three Gulf Arab nations joined us in the White House as the President made his announcement. In addition, the governments of Saudi Arabia and Egypt issued promising public statements in response to the President’s plan.

As Israel moves forward, there is little doubt the Palestinian leadership will incite violence, and the Jewish state’s detractors here in the U.S. will go into overdrive. Rest assured, the CUFI Action Fund is prepared for this eventuality and will ensure the pro-Israel position is heard in the corridors of power here in our nation’s capital. We will work to strengthen the US-Israel relationship, defend Israel against demonization, and combat those who spread lies about the Jewish state.

Never Again Education Act

In spite of the enormously significant announcement from the White House, this week’s Action Update would not be complete without mentioning a little covered but highly important development in the House of Representatives. On Monday evening, the House passed the Never Again Education Act - a CUFI Action Fund legislative priority.

No Votes

With just five Members of Congress voting against the bill, this legislation enjoys immense bipartisan support. The five who voted against the Act were Representatives Massie (R-KY), Amash (I-MI), Arrington (R-TX), Norman (R-SC), Rice (R-SC).

The CUFI Action Fund looks forward to the Senate moving the Never Again Education Act forward in the coming weeks and months, and we are in communication with key Senators to see that come to fruition.

Thank you for your support of Israel and the CUFI Action Fund. Keep looking out for our weekly Action Update as we bring you our inside-the-beltway perspective on the issues that matter most to the Christian Zionist movement.

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