This week, Israel will mark the 75th anniversary of the modern Jewish state’s independence. However, in the 24 preceding hours, the Israeli people will first commemorate Israel’s Memorial Day. The tradition is quite straightforward: it is incumbent upon a society to remember those who fought and died to ensure their freedom prior to celebrating that freedom.

Israel at 75

Since the modern state of Israel’s founding, she has faced a consistent onslaught of attacks – from terrorism to full scale conflict to economic warfare – aimed at wiping the Jewish state from the face of the earth. Through it all, Israel has survived and thrived with her moral integrity intact.

Despite the threats to her survival, today the population of Israel is nearly 12 times larger than it was when the Jewish state declared its independence in 1948. Israel remains a free and prosperous nation, whose citizens, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or socio-economic factors  enjoy protected human and civil rights .

Moreover, Israel is at the forefront of technological advancement, has an exceptionally educated population, and serves as a stalwart ally to the United States and the principles and values that birthed the modern Jewish state and the free nations of the world. Above all else, Israel’s success as a nation must be attributed to the blessings of God and the application of His Divine word into the ethos of the Jewish state. But you too have played a part in Israel’s ability to weather the endless sandstorms of the Middle East.

Your Role and Your Impact

Our role as Believers who heed our Biblical mandate to stand with His Chosen People has not been insignificant. In recent years, we have advanced numerous pieces of legislation that have strengthened the U.S.-Israel relationship and helped Israel protect herself from those evil forces who persist in their desire to destroy the Jewish state.

To name just a few feats that we have accomplished  together: 35 states have now advanced anti-BDS legislation creating an impenetrable firewall defending Israel’s economy. In 2022, we helped advance the Deterring Enemy Forces and Enabling National Defenses (DEFEND) Act and beat back efforts by fringe members of Congress to deny Israel a resupply of its Iron Dome Missile Defense System. In the preceding year, with your support, the US-Israel Cybersecurity Cooperation Enhancement Act advanced to the President’s desk as part of the FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, and in 2021, the Never Again Education Act, likewise, was signed into law.

Other items we’ve helped make happen in recent years include the U.S. decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to its rightful place in Jerusalem, American recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and the advancement of the Taylor Force Act, which directly combats the Palestinian Authority’s pay-to-slay program. We’ve also backed sanctions against pariah states like Iran and Turkey and advanced legislation targeting the financial infrastructure of Iran’s preeminent terrorist proxy, Hezbollah.

Towards the Future


We’re, of course, pleased that with God’s abundant grace and favor we’ve been able to play a part in Israel’s defense; however, we’ve no intention of resting on our laurels. There remain significant threats both directly in front of us and on the horizon. The Iran-China-Russia axis of authoritarianism is on the march and sadly – save U.S. support for Ukraine – much of Washington’s response to the realities of modern international affairs has been feckless.

None of the policy successes we listed, nor the numerous others that have occurred since CUFI’s founding, would have happened without you. The most engaged members of Christians United for Israel read this Action Update. You know the issues, you go beyond the headlines, and you equip yourselves with knowledge necessary to be the most effective pro-Israel activist.

But the linchpin to playing your role in securing Israel’s next 75 years, is simply showing up and making your voice heard. From the CUFI Washington Summit (July 16 – 18) to responding to CUFI Action Alerts and standing up to support pro-Israel policies in your state capital, these are the moments when you can put your knowledge, passion, and obedience to the Lord to exceptionally effective use.

So, as Israel celebrates the 75th anniversary of her independence, our message is simple: Let us remember those who gave their lives in pursuit of this holy mission and let us celebrate the amazing accomplishment that is the modern state of Israel. And then, let’s get back to work ensuring Israel’s future for generations to come.


The CUFI Action Fund Team


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