An Update from CUFI Action Fund
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As everyone is well aware, this week’s Action Update comes amidst a significant change in our daily interactions as Americans. Washington is largely physically shutdown, but that does not mean our work ceases. We’re taking full advantage of the 21st century technologies at our disposal to ensure that our message is heard by our elected officials.

Never Again Education Act

This week, CUFI Action Fund team members conducted virtual meetings with various government officials including key senators assigned to the committee tasked with examining the Never Again Education Act.  This legislation continues to enjoy widespread bipartisan support, and with continued efforts to keep it on senators’ minds, we are optimistic this legislation will remain on track for passage this year.

In addition to virtual meetings, the CUFI Action Fund’s Director of Government Affairs, Alexandria Paolozzi, joined with her counterpart at Hadassah, to author an op-ed in The Hill, aimed at making the case for the Never Again Education Act.

“The lessons of the Holocaust are universal and can help students recognize anti-Semitism, hatred, bigotry, extremism and the risk of genocide so they are empowered to prevent it when they’re grown,” the pair wrote.

Iranian-Backed Attacks on American Troops

Despite the world banding together to combat COVID-19, Iran remains committed to provoking conflict and spreading terror in the Middle East. And during the past week, Iranian backed terrorists in Iraq launched three rocket attacks against Iraqi bases hosting American troops.

During one attack, two American and one British service member were killed. The US launched air raids on multiple targets across Iraq associated with Iran-backed terror organization Kataib Hezbollah. Please keep the families of those who lost loved ones defending our freedoms in your prayers.

The Action Fund continues to monitor this developing situation, and will likewise continue our efforts to see the international arms embargo against Iran, which expires in October due to the disastrous Iran nuclear accord, extended until the Islamic Republic abandons its militaristic, anti-Western and anti-Semitic stance.

Israel Helping Palestinians Contend with COVID-19

Israel’s military and health ministry are working to provide support to the Palestinian people in an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19. This past week, Israel sent 200 coronavirus testing kits to Palestinian controlled areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In addition, the Israelis have been providing cleaning supplies and relevant medical training to the Palestinians.

While Israel’s detractors might ignore this or be surprised – they shouldn’t. From being the world’s first responder during natural disasters to aiding wounded Syrians during that nation’s gruesome civil war, the Jewish state lives by Jewish values including the concept of Tikkun Olam (literally: repairing the world).

During this time of hectic uncertainty, thank you for taking a few moments to stay informed about the work the Action Fund is doing to combat anti-Semitism and ensure the strength of the US-Israel relationship. Regardless of what tomorrow brings, you can rest assured that we will find a way to advance the Christian Zionist message to our leaders in our nation’s capital.

CUFI Action Fund Team

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